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Support from University of Iowa Hospitals

on February 24, 2012

Good news! I heard from my carcinoid cancer specialist, Dr. O’Dorisio and his awesome nurse, Jan –  in Iowa City (U of I Hospitals), their office is supportive of my efforts to get an Iowa support group up and running. They are willing to hand out my business cards to Iowa carcinoid cancer patients who come to their office.   And they may be interested in speaking at one of our meetings!

2 responses to “Support from University of Iowa Hospitals

  1. Mike Haberman says:

    My husband, age 43, was recently diagnosed with gastric carcinoid type 1. It is localized to the stomach currently.

    • I’m sorry to hear he’s going through this. But he’s not alone! There are some great support groups online and on Facebook. Your husband will have to be followed for 20 yrs to make sure he remains cancer and tumor free. I’m guessing they removed what they could find? Please feel free to ask me any questions. I do recommend connecting with others. It helps not to feel so alone in all of this. My best, Jen

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