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on October 11, 2013

Update: I had the big dr appt today. I have to have some more blood work done and another bone marrow biopsy (make sure I don’t have lymphoma, see if the sarcoidosis has spread to the bone marrow, and make sure the bone marrow is clear of any abnormalities). Then, I will start on the Methotrexate sub-q shots (in about 2 weeks). Within 3-6 weeks, I will start on Remicade. He agreed with me that it’s a double-edged sword… if I do nothing, this will not have a positive outcome. And we may not have a positive outcome with treatment either, but at least we’ll have tried the best treatment they can come up with for me at this time. They will be monitoring me closely for increased carcinoid cancer, and/or development of: lymphoma, leukemia, and melanoma.

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