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Happy 2014 Everyone!

on January 11, 2014

We hope this year will bring good things for all of us!  This year for the Iowa Carcinoid Cancer Connection, we will be planning to have another Q&A luncheon with Dr. O’Dorisio in Iowa City and having our 2nd Annual Carcinoid/NET Cancer Awareness Walk!  Our Facebook group has become very interactive and a great place to meet and talk to others in the state of Iowa who have Carcinoid or other form of NET cancer.

Our Events Committee will be meeting soon to discuss other fundraising events such as a silent auction.  We have had items donated to our group for fundraising efforts.

I have volunteered to get “Carcinoid Cancer Connection” Facebook pages up and running for the 16 states that don’t currently have any support groups.  Those 16 states are:

1. New Mexico

2. Tennessee

3. Wyoming

4. Nebraska

5. N. Dakota

6. Kansas

7. Montana

8. Mississippi

9. Kentucky

10. Hawaii

11. Idaho

12. Alaska

13. Delaware

14. Oklahoma

15. S. Dakota

16. Wisconsin

So, if you have Carcinoid Cancer, or another type of NeuroEndocrine (NET) Cancer, you are welcome to join any of those Facebook (FB) state (local) groups.  Just do a search on FB for the state name listed above followed by “Carcinoid Cancer Connection” (ie: “Delaware Carcinoid Cancer Connection”).

We hope to meet you soon if we haven’t met you already!  We’re here to help…  SEA = Support, Education, & Awareness

Hoping 2014 brings wonderful things to you!

Jennifer K. Holm

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