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Health Problems Associated with Carcinoid Cancer

on April 5, 2015

We are finding that there are MANY additional health problems that are showing STRONG correlation with Carcinoid Cancer. These include, but are not limited to:

1. Thyroid Disease

2. Type 2 Diabetes

3. Autoimmune Diseases

4. Vascular constriction problems/issues such as: Tachycardia Arrhythmias, Variant Anginas, Printzmetal Anginas, Right Bundle Branch Block (cardiac), Migraine Headaches, Raynaud’s Disease, Gastroparesis, Idiopathic Intestinal Pseudo Obstructions, etc.

5. Carcinoid Heart Disease


Unfortunately, I, like many other Carcinoid Cancer patients, have all of the above.  Not all Carcinoid Cancer patients have all of these or any of these. The research has not yet been done on all of these yet either – mostly due to lack of research funding. However, we are noticing a much higher percentage of Carcinoid Cancer patients who have the above health conditions compared to the general population.

3 responses to “Health Problems Associated with Carcinoid Cancer

  1. Roxann says:

    I found mine Sept. of 2010….. both of my lungs are what they called salt & peppered with it and a nodule in lower left lung that calaps lower lung every time i breathe. We just found out a week ago that it has slightly gotten worse. I want to work and will continue to work till i can’t. I am only 48 yrs. old. My mom started out with the same thing but recently passed when it went into her brain. I want to help spread awareness on carcinoid lung cancer but not sure how to. Is there truly people out there that I can talk to that know what I am going threw???

    • Roxann,

      Welcome to the carcinoid cancer club. I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I was diagnosed Feb. 2010 at the age of 39. It was stage 4 by the time they found it. After my surgery, I tried for several months to go back to work, but I just couldn’t seem to get it together. My symptoms didn’t go away. I ended up going on Long Term Disability by August of 2010. It was so hard as I liked my job and I had finally achieved the position I wanted. It took several years to come to terms with the fact that I just could not work anymore. Plus, I was getting every health issue associated with carcinoid cancer possible.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. And yes, there are many groups of carcinoid cancer patients on Facebook who know exactly what you are going through. Each state has a FB support group. Plus the Carcinoid Coffee Cafe on Facebook is a very active community. Please feel welcome to join us there!

      You are also welcome to contact me at any time at

  2. Neville says:


    Contact Dr. Philip Boudreaux at the NOLANETs clinic. He hosted a special LungNoid session on the final day of the 2014 National Carcinoid/Neuroendocrine Patient conference held Sept 2014 in Charlotte, NC.

    There was a speaker named Dr. Alberto de Hoyos, who gave a talk about DIPNECH, which is a variety of lung carcinoid that he described using the very same “Salt & Pepper” term that you used. I was highly impressed by what this speaker was talking about, surgery treatment wise, regarding DIPNECH, and more generally, lung carcinoid tumors.

    Dr. de Hoyos works with the multi-disciplinary group of Carcinoid/Neuroendocrine experts in New Orleans, but not at the main clinic in Kenner, where Dr. Boudreaux is located. Dr. Boudreaux will be able to fill you in, and help you out some more, and help you get connected.

    Call 1-866-91-ZEBRA, or 504-464-8500

    Good luck!
    – Neville

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