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Credible News Sources

on December 12, 2016

It has become apparent to me that not everyone has been taught credibility testing to decipher between fact and fiction. So, I created this to help you.

Why is it important that we get credible information? Well, it’s assumed that everyone WANTS to live in reality. Most people do not like to be lied to, or to live in a lie. We make decisions in our lives based on information. Others make decisions that effect our lives based on information. So it is incredibly important that we all have the most credible, reliable, factual information possible.  You wouldn’t want to be thrown in prison and your life turned completely upside down because the authorities have the wrong information, right?  That is why credible facts, information, and evidence are used.

First, I’m going to give you a list of credible news sources. Then, I’m going give you the tools to figure out for yourself what is fact vs. fiction.

Credible News Sources:  (These news sources have passed credibility testing.)

  1.  USA Today
  2. PBS News Hour
  3. NPR – however, there was an instance when they tried to normalize Breightbart, a VERY extremist right-winged media source.
  4. Aljazeera
  5. Huffington Post
  6. New York Times
  7. Washington Post
  8. The Hill
  9. CNN – I’ve been disappointed in some of their coverage/lack of coverage, but they are a reputable source.
  10. MSNBC – left leaning, but factual
  11. BBC
  12. The Atlantic
  13. The Telegraph
  14. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
  15. Addicting Info – left leaning, but factual
  16. Raw Story – left leaning, but factual
  17. Daily Kos – left leaning, but factual
  18. Boston Globe

If you have more, let me know, and provide your “argument ” as to why it is a credible source.

Also use:





Credibility Testing: Learn how to determine between fact and fiction for yourself.





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